RosettaCNC Software

Il team di sviluppo e' lieto di annunciare la versione 1.9.4 del software RosettaCNC

Changelog from 1.9.2 to 1.9.4

  • Added button in G-Code compiling window to Stop compilation.
  • Added IQ023 Accessory support to increase control pulpit inputs sources.
  • Improved GCode languange and compiler:Fixed issue with wrong looping and branching labels.
  • Improved G-Code editor adding new KlarText Mono font.
  • Improved restart.ngc macro to permits Resume from Stop also from arcs.
  • Fixed descriptions of Mist/Flood validation input and related parameters.
  • Fixed an issue on restart.ngc macro when active the WCS G59.1/G59.2/G59.3.
  • Fixed an issue in G-Code compilator when used a wrong Loop-Control command label.
  • Fixed 3D scanning with PROBE to meet LASER behavior and start from TOP of block.
  • Fixed 3D scanning TXT file creation with scanned points data cloud.
  • Fixed crash in some GPU when changing Scene Antialiasing.
  • Added new firmware 1.57.
  • Added full UNICODE support for text translations and custom messages.
  • Added new Scene Antialiasing modes for NVIDA GPUs.
  • Changed firmware file format from SFS to ZIP.
  • Improved information on the Runtime Data Info panel.
  • Fixed an issue in Scan3D mesh (STL) file creation.
  • Fixed 3D scene Zoom to Fit for TOP/BOTTOM view.
  • Fixed an issue with G43.4 when active G20 (inches).
  • Fixed EBK & ENI EtherCAT file sending to CNC Board.
  • Fixed Firmware Downloading with custom CNC Boards.
  • Fixed a compilation issue with a G02/G03 and "Enable Rotary Feed Handling" active.
  • Enabled panel Warnings [ From Modbus ] in Program Settings -> Custom Alarms panel.
  • Improve restart during G2/G3
  • Update ModbusView utility to fit new Modbus interface

Il software rimane gratuito per chi possiede una scheda RosettaCNC, altrimenti è valutabile senza limitazioni per 45 giorni.

Può essere installato con Windows® 7, Windows® 10 sia 32 che 64 bit.

La risoluzione minima del display deve essere 1366x768.


Per le fasi di aggiornamento da una versione precendente alla 1.9.1 seguire le istruzioni del seguente video: